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Our 20's + 30's can be full of changes. Whether we are going through breakups, grieving the death of a loved one, changing our careers or moving to new cities, I've been through the ups and downs of it myself.


Often, feelings of anxiety, depression, trauma and grief can come up. Which is why I help reframe transitions into opportunities for healing, growth and peace.



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"Working with Nicole has truly been one of the most transformative relationships I've ever experienced. Having someone guide me into parts of myself, my choices -- with such kindness but all the while truly opening my eyes to the control I have to create what I DO want -- she has changed my life on many levels. I've done a lot of work with different people in this field, and I couldn't recommend Nicole MORE. She has given me permission to learn and BE ME." 


"I've been going through a very hard time since my divorce and Nicole has been the most helpful person to guide me through this difficult process. Not only she has the ability to understand the situation completely and give me amazing advice on how to feel better, but what I really appreciate the most is how she makes me realize the things that I need to correct in my personality in order to improve myself and not replicate the same mistakes in the future."


"Nicole is great at what she does. She is a kind, gentle and calm practitioner who actively listens to everything you share with her. She is so empathetic and non-judgmental. She works with you and helps you set attainable goals for your mental wellness including improving your communication skills and handling life changes and loss. I cannot recommend her enough! "

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