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Conversation Map: Should You Give Ultimatums in Romantic Relationships?

Many of us have been there.

You and your partner are in different places in the same relationship.

You hear the clock ticking.

You want to connect with your partner by solidifying your commitment to them.

You feel you need answers and progress in your relationship.

Which leaves many grappling with the question:

Should we give ultimatums to our romantic partners or not?

Will ultimatums get us to our desired outcome?

What are the side effects of such a proposition?

The Following is a Conversation Map on some factors to consider when considering ultimatums:

Giving an ultimatum may get your married in the short run, but it can be risky for your marriage in the long run.

Romantic relationships, dating, and marriage can be some of the most connected and fulfilling experiences of our lives. In the case that we are struggling with fear, anger, power struggles, or conflict in our relationships- sometimes it helps to talk to a trusted friend, clergy member, or a counselor for some of the more complicated situations.

Asking for help may be the missing link between your relationship and alignment, clarity and flow in your dynamic.

Nicole Nowparvar is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Life Coach. She specializes in helping 1st and 2nd generation young adults balance old traditions with modern identity, turn challenges into opportunities, & understand their past so they can reach their goals. She provides individual, family, and group counseling.



Call for a Free 15 Minute Consultation: (424) 284-9212

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