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Conversation Map: How to Talk About Being Unemployed

There’s been a shift in what drives our work force. More than ever, people are looking for employment that is meaningful and fulfilling. The goal is no longer just to work so that we can financially sustain ourselves.

Combined with factors such as fewer jobs available, how easy it's become to move from one city to another, and parents supporting their young, adult children sometimes well into their late twenties, people are opting out of working for the sake of working.

The interviewee is now the interviewer. And yet, being unemployed is tougher than ever, more vulnerable than we think, and can make us feel totally unbalanced.


  • Because many of us still attribute our self-worth to the position we hold in our work. With out our job, we ask ourselves, "Who am I?" But I've got news for you. Your job is only one aspect of the million parts that make up your ever-changing identity.

  • We are constantly comparing ourselves to others who share how much fun they are having with their co-workers on social media but don't stop to ask ourselves the important question: "Am I a better version of myself today than I was yesterday?"

  • For better or worse, many of our parents have chosen to support us through the process making it easier for us to take our time.

The right profession match will come. So what do we do in the meantime?

I know it can be tempting to hide when unemployed. Finding that dream job isn’t going to happen by avoiding life. Go out on that date. Meet up with your friends. Do that adventurous activity you’ve been telling yourself you will reward yourself with when you get your work in order.

Why? Because this is where opportunity and growth lives.

The purpose of this conversation map is to give you the tools to get back out there and relax into who you are , today.

Here are some things you can say next time your mom, the cute guy in the coffee line, or your old co-worker asks you what you are doing with your life:

Don’t give up. If this article resonated with you it’s probably because you are burnt out from job hunting (yes, this is possible) and you need to rejuvenate.

If you want my honest opinion, it doesn’t matter what you say to others. What matters is how you are talking to yourself. If you are beating yourself up for not having that dream job, understand it is only half up to you and half up to forces greater than you. So do your best, be kind to yourself, and trust that whatever is meant for you will never miss you.

If you would like some support exploring and improving your inner dialogue, feel free to text or call me for a free consultation.

With love,

Nicole Nowparvar

LCSW and Life Coach


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